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39 Secrets for Effective and Enjoyable Meetings

Have your company name imprinted under the authors’ names!


  1. Send this booklet to your clients at the beginning or end of the year to thank them for their business.
  2. Include this booklet with your materials at a trade show, an Annual or Sales Meeting.
  3. Give a copy of this booklet to your staff or employees to improve quality of meetings.
  4. Use the booklet as a "thank you" for an appointment, an interview, or a sale.
  5. Anyone with business people as clients or customers can give this booklet away as a goodwill gesture or as a way to stay in touch with prospects.
  6. Package this booklet with a product you sell as a value-added bonus.
  7. Give the booklet as an incentive for completing a questionnaire or survey.
  8. Offer the booklet free with a certain purchase amount or for opening a new account or subscription.
  9. Place the booklet as a "table treat" at a special event or gathering.
  10. Give this booklet to members of your Board of Directors or Trustees (or anyone whose meetings could stand improvement!).

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  • 1 - 9 copies $10.00 each
  • 10-199 $6.00
  • 200 - 499 $4.00
  • 500 - 999 $3.50
  • 1000 - 4,999 $2.50
  • 5,000 - 9,999 $2.00
  • 10,000+ Let’s talk!

Standard orders (no custom imprinting) offer free shipping! All custom orders with imprinting, and/or customized copy will have those costs plus shipping added to the above costs. Licensing agreements are available. Contact us for quotes, special bids, and additional services (writing, facilitation, seminars, speeches).

Ready to buy? Please take a moment to purchase a copy! It's a great reference and a popular corporate gift, especially as it's only $10.00, including shipping and handling!

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