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Kent's Law: The length of a meeting is inversely proportional to thenumber of attendees without chairs


Click here to listen to great meeting pointers in Peg's radio interview!

Many people consider meetings to be, at best, a necessary evil. Meetings often meander or run overtime. Some are dominated by one person while others are silenced by the presence of bosses, fear of being laughed at, or sheer frustration.

These meeting problems can be addressed and the meeting transformed into one that is not only efficient but also enjoyable.

Facilitation Plus™ consultants can turn meeting negatives into meeting plusses. We serve as facilitators for meetings, helping participants speak freely, managing the agenda, and ensuring meeting objectives are achieved.

PLUS ...we can use our expertise in group creativity to help groups problem-solve effectively.

PLUS ...we offer seminars to teach meeting management skills to individuals or teams or groups within an organization.

For sample tips to improve your meetings, click HERE.

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