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"Sometimes the name you grow up with just doesn't fit anymore..."

   Marion Morrison (You may know him as John Wayne)


Some believe the naming of companies or products is a science. You know, have a computer identify bits and pieces of words and combine them. Voila! A trademarkable name.

While this kind of name may be linguistically logical and trademarkable, we at Facilitation Plus™ believe it is rare that such names resonate with people - with your customers. Our approach is different.

We work with your team to identify name criteria and then craft unique exercises, using our expertise in creative thinking, to generate many alternative names. We help you select those that best fit your criteria and develop them into viable name options.

Sound simple? It is deceptively simple. For our naming service harnesses years of experience in the naming business as well as our deep understanding of naming protocols. We not only apply facilitation skills to the task, but also techniques that drive to the heart of the market positioning. Using these learnings, we craft a Naming Experience that is unique to your company, your product, and your situation.

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