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The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

    Marcel Proust


This is a section we like to have a little fun with. Here is where you'll find links to interesting resources, creativity exercises, and what ever occurs to us. So...check back often.

Oh yes, the links will open in a new browser window. This site will remain open in the back ground. To get back to us, simply close that new window you get and this site will magically appear!

Product and Company Naming Links
Moore Names - This company has worked with the biggest names in the business!
Creativity Links
www.creativitypool.com - The Creativity Pool is a global database of ideas, solutions and future inventions
www.enchantedmind.com/ - great site all about creativity
Facilitation Links
www.iaf-world.org/ - International Association of Facilitators website
Plain Old Fun and Interesting Websites
www.memepool.com - collection of websites worth visiting contributed by readers
www.brunching.com/ - a unique look at life
www.half.com - books, toys, and more at half-price or less
www.oddtodd.com - it's um, odd todd...
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