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Recent Engagements

++ facilitation of the retreat of a small business focused on inventing ways to be even more successful

++ a one-day workshop in creative thinking skills

++ facilitating a naming session for the new product of a high-tech company

++ conducting a workshop in meeting management skills for 20 people in higher education

++ teaching a class in group problem-solving in an executive education program for senior-level businesswomen

++ design and facilitation of a retreat for a university department to revisit and amend organization values in light of reorganization

++ designing and facilitating a naming session for a company that had evolved beyond its original name

++ re-naming of an agency that has reinvented itself after some very bad management and resulting bad press

++ helping a team look into the future for their organization and invent alternative designs for, then make some choices about, what they want to become

++ facilitation of a retreat for a California senior care association

++ designing and conducting focus groups and brainstorming for an Internet start-up company

++ facilitation of a group of marketing executives at the company’s international marketing meeting

++ working with management and key board members to devise a Mission Statement for a start-up company

++ design and facilitation of a retreat of the board of a Commission to create a new vision

++ working with an international consulting firm by conducting one-on-one interviews and focus groups on a commodity product then helping the consultant team identify potentially fruitful opportunities for their client

++ conducting customer groups for a consumer products company to help them ascertain the current image of their product and identify new marketing approaches

++ serving as lead facilitator for a multi-facilitator room at the Massachusetts Summit: The Promise Of Our Youth

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