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Here are some of the things our clients have to say about us:

++ "My management team and I had an idea of the right kind of person to facilitate this retreat. The facilitator had to be experienced and confident, yet not overwhelm the day with a preconceived agenda or dominating style. We met with Peg and in a short time felt that our philosophy and hopes for the meeting were consistent with her style. She was comfortable talking about intangibles like values and building them into the design of the retreat. At the same time, she reinforced the necessity of addressing important tactical issues as well.

The retreat was a success, in my judgment and the perception of all the staff. The experience of coming together over two days in a sharing, celebratory way and leaving with action steps to enhance the department worklife was very powerful.

Peg designed a process for the retreat that flowed very well. Her techniques freed our thinking and enabled us to articulate intangible concepts. Individuals in the group felt heard not only by her as she captured ideas but also by one another. Throughout, Peg’s style was warm and friendly yet focused.

When the goal is to help a group work together on difficult or complex issues, Peg is a terrific resource."

Bruce Bernstein
Director, Publishing Services Bureau
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

++"…Peg makes problem-solving fun. And, in the process of solving some important problems, I found that relationships improved around the office as well. As the level of cynicism began to dissipate, morale improved. The creative ideas generated by staff improved customer service and enabled us to decrease our unit costs while improving productivity which improved our bottom line financial performance.

I would be happy to speak to anyone about the positive experience we had working with Peg Kelley in mobilizing staff for positive organizational change."

John Paul Marosy
Former Executive Director
Visiting Nurse Affiliates of Cambridge

++"I wanted to express my great appreciation to you and all of your colleagues for the extraordinary efforts in helping us find a new name for the adoption agency. Your complete professionalism was apparent from the very first contact. The thorough preparation insured that every moment with you was productive.

Probably the most amazing aspects of the work were the energy and sheer brilliance that were brought to this project. You were truly able to listen and to comprehend, immediately, the goal that we sought to obtain and the nuances of the challenge.

I can’t thank you enough. The job was so well done, the answer arrived at was perfect to meet our needs."

Alec Gray
Executive Director
Adoption Center, Inc.

++"Brown Publishing Network had never held a corporate "retreat," and Peg guided us through our first such experience with competence, understanding, and obvious expertise. Her approach is such that you are almost unaware of her presence as she skillfully directs activities and discussions toward achieving the intended goals.

The results of this first "retreat" far exceeded my own expectations. The employees who attended were very impressed with and gratified by the entire exercise, and the "actions" we’ve implemented have already made a very positive impact on our organization.

I enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend the services of Peg Kelley and Facilitation Plus."

Marie L. Brown
President and CEO
Brown Publishing Network

++"Peg Kelley has helped our organization with planning, visioning, coaching and in facilitating formal meetings. Her ability to think conceptually while managing the process is superior. Peg’s warmth and authenticity along with a keen intellect give her the ability to work with any group in ways that foster collaboration, teamwork and problem solving."

Pamela Seigle
Executive Director
Reach Out To Schools: Social Competency Program
Stone Center
Wellesley College
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