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"The creative people are those who will take two steps into a dark room, when others won't. Even though there's a chance of getting clunked on the head with a baseball bat... Somebody has to go in there."

    Benny Golson, jazz musician

Here are the tools we sometimes use in our work.

++ 39 Secrets for Effective and Enjoyable Meetings.

    "This booklet delivers what it says. So many people wanted to borrow it that I finally ordered some for all our staff. Our meetings are better as a result. I recommend it highly," says Cheryl Kiser, Director of Marketing, Center for Corporate Community Relations, Boston College.

    This has become very popular with companies to use as corporate gifts or as reminders to managers that meetings are supposed to be productive! At only $6.00 a copy (including shipping and handling), how can you go wrong?

    Click here to see some samples from the booklet!

    Click here for more even more information about the booklet!

    Buy It!

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