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Will Gaulin’s consulting practice focuses primarily on facilitating breakthrough thinking and its development into market innovation. His clients are Fortune 500 companies competing in rapidly changing arenas where clearly differentiated competitive differences are essential. He focuses on strategy, marketing, and product development in industries such as consumer packaged goods, technology and computer hardware/software, financial services, and pharmaceuticals.

Will collaborated with his long-time colleague
Peg Kelley on helping clients learn better meeting skills. At the request of clients, they created the booklet 39 Secrets for Effective and Enjoyable Meetings. The success of this booklet has led to their giving speeches and presentations on the topic of productive meetings and extending the market for their workshop in meeting management.

Prior to this, Will spent 16 years at Synectics®, Inc., an international consulting firm. While there, he pioneered and specialized in helping client teams "crack the code" of consumer motivations and then leverage the insights in the new product development process. Other projects included work in marketing strategies and executions, leveraging new or existing technologies, and re-organizing businesses. He was also a senior trainer, working with corporations that wanted to improve their teamwork and innovative thinking.

Will’s received his Master of Arts in Teaching from Brown University after his B.A. in English at the University of Rhode Island. Following a first career teaching literature, drama and public speaking, he made a transition to sales and marketing, then to consulting.

A resident of Newton, Massachusetts, Will enjoys nature study in the great outdoors in his spare time. He experiments with improvisational cooking and especially gets a kick out of whipping up new pasta sauces.

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